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Remedy Quarterly
February 26, 2016

When was the first time you tried something new, a food, a recipe?  That’s  the topic that  Remedy Quarterly revolves around in Issue 20. My Story I wrote a story for the latest issue of Remedy Quarterly called, “It’s a Way of Life.”  It’s about this random road trip that I went on and ended up […]

January 3, 2016

PHOTO | EDWIN TSE | ♡ HIS WORK I used to think that experience, knowledge and inner growth would somehow enlarge me and create something new in me.  But as I gather more, I feel the opposite.  It’s as if, rather than adding, I am taking away.  Life and everything around me is becoming simpler.  Complicated things make […]

PHOTO | JONAS HAFNER | ♡ HIS WORK It’s no secret that Christmastime cranks up materialism to the max and sometimes the consumerist mindset attached to gift giving, suffocates the joy of giving and receiving.  People suffer all sorts of disappointments during the holidays because their expectations go unmet. But Christmas is still a day away and we […]

I’d Rather Wear Fur
December 17, 2015

IMAGE: ADMIRAL (2008) What I miss most this winter, is fur.  A Florida winter forbids even the slightest thought of it.  We can’t put our bathing suits away, beaches are still packed and the eye of heaven gleams at 85 degrees— even in December. But when thinking of more proper winters, I think of fur.  […]

A Friend is a Gift— Not a Choice
December 8, 2015

photo | molly planning our Europe trip I’m sitting down with a blank card and a pen, but my thoughts wander from the task at hand.  The task is a pleasant one; I’m to write a birthday wish to my friend for the fourteenth time.  We’ve been friends for that long and that’s what baffles me.  Why […]

PHOTO | MELANIE RODRIGUEZ | ♡ HER WORK Christmas is just around the corner and as I was thinking of ways to make it meaningful, I had an opportunity to share a post on SheKnows, where I offered tips on how to write thoughtful notes to the people we cherish. At the end of the season, people don’t really remember all […]

Healing Spices from Near and Far
November 20, 2015

PHOTO | MELANIE RODRIGUEZ | ♡ HER WORK [spacer height=”8px”] Throughout history, explorers risked their lives to attain spices from afar.  There were times when spices were valued more than gold, they were rare and precious.  They were medicines, they were luxuries.  They led Columbus to the Americas. Today, we are lucky.  The most exotic spices […]

I Like My Whole House
October 30, 2015

“I like my whole house!” uttered the young YouTube sensation, Jessica, while jumping up in front of her bathroom mirror.  I can’t express how moving it is to hear those words from such a grateful child.  As for my house, I’ve been painting. My last three posts: Painting Walls: Part 1—Understanding Color, Part 2— Emotional Power of Color […]


[spacer height=”20px”] PHOTO | ANA LUÍSA PINTO | ♡ HER WORK [spacer height=”20px”] Another aspect to consider when choosing a wall color, is you.  When designing our spaces, we look at them forgetting to see ourselves against them.  It’s enough hassle to coordinate what we see, but what do others see when they visit? While reading Emily Post’s, […]

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