Come, let me sing into your ear...

Ever wonder why classical music has been around for ages and shows no signs of going out of style? There are many reasons, but one of them will benefit you directly. Classical music is good for your health! Those intricately structured movements have a profoundly therapeutic effect on your nerves and can help to restore your […]


PHOTO | MELANIE RODRIGUEZ | ♡ HER WORK [spacer height=”8px”] Throughout history, explorers risked their lives to attain spices from afar.  There were times when spices were valued more than gold, they were rare and precious.  They were medicines, they were luxuries.  They led Columbus to the Americas. Today, we are lucky.  The most exotic spices […]

Photo |  CHELSEA FUSS | ♡ Frolic I like long walks on the beach.  That sounds like a line taken straight from a personals ad, but seriously— I like long walks on the beach. Here in Clearwater, Florida the beach is easily accessible to everyone, yet as with most readily available things, it’s taken for granted.  […]


Photo | JORGE CANCELA | CC Thanks! [spacer height=”20px”] Those who sip their way to the bottom of a tiny cup of Turkish coffee are often left preferring it to every other kind of brew and they mustn’t be blamed.  This Arabic stimulant is the forerunner to Italian espresso, which is not nearly as thick because it’s brewed using coarser grounds.  Turkish coffee […]

The Art of Sweating
September 5, 2015

[spacer height=”1px”] Photo | Teresa Queirós | ♡ Her Work [spacer height=”4px”] While melting into the smooth cedar bench, stretched along a wooden wall in the sauna at Dragon Tree Spa, I feel my muscle knots dissolve in the swelling heat. Most proper Eastern Europeans are devoted to the practice of sweating inside the tight wooden walls of a banya; they […]

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